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Meaning of Arella Farm

We've been asked a few times about the farm name, so we thought we would let you in on it! "Arella" has two different meanings. The name Arella in English means "Angel" and in Spanish it means "Golden." When we found this land, we felt that it was truly where we were meant to be. Everything just fell into place. It was truly a gift from God. "Golden Angel Farm" seemed to fit we are in North MS raising our herd of fluffy angels.

Just outside the hustle and bustle of the city, sits an alpaca farm waiting for you to take time out and play. Spend an afternoon with us at Arella Farm LLC and relax to the peaceful hum of our friendly alpacas.

We invite you to come out and EXPLORE THE ALPACA FARM LIFESTYLE and experience for yourself what it takes to raise alpacas. Simply head over to our store tab and schedule your exclusive tour that will take you behind the gates and face to face with these amazing animals.

We are happily hosting alpaca birthday parties on weekends and Friday field trips! Click on our "Store" tab for details. We'll be glad to host your company picnics and reunions as well. Email or call to inquire and schedule.

We are getting ready for "NATIONAL ALPACA FARM DAYS", sponsored by the Alpaca Owners Association, which will be held Sept 28th and 29th this year. In addition to the great food, contests with awesome prizes, and family fun events that we had last yer, we're adding a craft fair featuring local artisans. There will also be live entertainment this yea. We're very proud to announce that the RIVERSIDE DRIVE BAND will perform Saturday and JNCC PRAISE TEAM will perform on Sunday.


VENDORS: Please see our "store" tab for Vendor information for National Alpaca Farm Days. .

Member: Alpaca Owners Association
Member: MS Department of Agritourism
Member: Ms Agritourism Association